Welcome to The Well Connection

A real life guide to yoga and wellness in Oxfordshire

I have started this blog because I want to share information to help make it easier for you to find and enjoy yoga in Oxfordshire and to connect you to the amazing wellness and yoga community in Oxfordshire (and beyond).

I am passionate about yoga and wellness in Oxfordshire. I am a yoga teacher based in Bicester and yoga has been completely life changing in terms of my physical and mental wellbeing.

Since having my second child last year, I’ve not been teaching personally, but I am asked almost daily if I can recommend other local teachers. We are really lucky in Oxfordshire to have a fantastic yoga community, but I know it can be hard to find the right teacher or class for you. I have set up this blog as a hub for yoga information in Oxfordshire and will be sharing details of yoga classes and venues that might work for you, as well as information to help you in your yoga or wellness journey.

As well as yoga, I also wanted to share some of my favourite things to do, places to go and people to see connected to wellness in Oxfordshire. What do I mean by wellness? My definition of wellness is anything that helps us feel good in body, mind and spirit – so for me it’s yoga and other kinds of movement, mindfulness, meditation, holistic therapies, crafts, places to go, food, books and walks (and lots more).

I’m hoping to use this blog to share some wonderful things to do and places to go that might help you with your yoga or wellness journey or might just be fun. I know saying wellness can be met with an eye roll but I know so many people are increasingly focused on how to be well. So wellness yes, but always with a real life spin.