North Oxfordshire yoga studios

There are some really wonderful yoga studios in and around North Oxfordshire and they offer beautiful spaces, specifically designed for yoga. Yoga studios often have lots of classes running throughout the week so chances are there will be one that suits you both in terms of style and also time and day.

Yoga studios near Bicester

Sadly we have no specific yoga studios in Bicester, but there are quite a few in North Oxfordshire within a 30 minute drive:

The Yoga Barn – Charlton

Downdog + Crow – Woodstock

The Well Retreat – Brackley

Temple of Yoga – Banbury

Lisa Valentine Yoga – Middleton Cheney

Why going to a studio can be amazing

Yoga studios will usually have all the equipment you could possibly need so if you don’t have a mat, you can borrow one, plus there will usually be other props like blocks, straps, boosters and blankets to use too.

Another lovely thing about going to a class at a yoga studio is the sense of community – if you find a class you love, or even if you just go once, you’ll probably get to know other people in the same boat.

If you are put off going to a studio because you are a beginner or not into spirituality, please don’t be – there will be a class to suit you. Studios will clearly advertise if classes aren’t suitable for beginners (sometimes they are called level 2 or 3 classes) – if you want to try a class I suggest looking for one called ‘slow flow’, ‘Hatha’ or ‘for beginners’, and you can always call a studio to check. If you are looking for a more dynamic class try a Vinyassa or flow class.

Studios will often have special offers and class passes. Another plus about studios is that even if your usual teacher is not able to take a class they will often be able to find a cover teacher so you will still get your yoga hit.

Studios generally have online booking functions so it’s super easy to book into a class. A lot are on apps like Mind Body which are great to find out about other studios local to you (you can search by location) and also what classes are on when.