12 little joys to make life a little bit sweeter

I am living for little joys at the moment. One thing I’ve noticed about life right now is that it’s forcing us to be more aware of what’s happening in the moment.

I think this forced mindfulness is because we have nowhere to go and nowhere else to be so the only place to be is here, now. Our minds always want to take us to tomorrow or yesterday but life right now is making us get in the moment.

And in the moment, those little pleasures are so much more wonderful.

The dopamine dozen

Here are 12 ideas for petit joys – aka The Dopamine Dozen – to help you get a micro dose of joy right now. Make your joy sacred and take your pleasure seriously!

1. Drink something you love slowly

Tea, coffee, wine, whatever. Make an occasion of coffee time / tea time / cocktail time.

2. Clean something properly

Your fridge, your sofa cushions, your windows – satisfaction guaranteed.

3. Cook something and eat it immediately

For real domestic pleasure try making something like buns just before lunch or cake for tea.

4. Hug someone / something

It could be someone you are with or a tree / dog / cat. For extra feels say to yourself ‘I know you are there’ as you breath in and ‘thank you for being there’ as you breath out.

5. Move your body

Try a few yoga stretches, squats or a quick run up and down the stairs

6. Think of three things you are grateful for

Gratitude won’t solve all your problems but it does make you feel good, and practicing gratitude means you’ll find more to feel grateful for.

7. Be in nature

Being outside is the best source for joy. Look at the trees, the flowers, the butterflies. If you do the same walk every day notice how things are changing or what you might usually be missing.

8. Watch something retro

My picks include Land Before Time, Little Mermaid and Clueless

9. Get dressed

The occasional effort to put on some proper clothes will be rewarded with feeling good (when you can be bothered).

10. Create something

Paint, draw, make, do some crafts or find a Pinterest idea and do it. We’re often happiest when we are in a ‘flow state’ meaning we are completely absorbed with what we are doing, creating something, good or bad is a great way to get there.

11. Have a disco in your kitchen

Dancing compulsory, singing optional. You can go to town with the music / lighting if you want.

12. Smile at strangers on your walks

Makes you and them feel really good.

I hope some of the these might inspire you today. I’d love to hear your ideas too! Get in touch and let me know. Whatever you do try and really enjoy it, however little.