Yoga to release tension in shoulders

Where are you shoulders right now? Are they close to your ears? How do they feel? Is there any tension there?

Lots of us have a tendency to hold things in our shoulders. Mine are the first place I feel stress in my body and I often don’t realise how tense they are until I peel them away from my ears.

Here are five quick and easy yoga stretches that might help release some tension in your shoulders. They feel really good at the end of the day or anytime you need a little shoulder release.

  1. Drop one ear towards the same shoulder for a stretch down the side of the neck. To intensify the stretch you can extend the opposite hand away.
  2. Take one hand down on the floor beside you and lift the other one up. Stretch over to the side.
  3. Take one arm up and then place your hand on your back. Put the other hand on your elbow which will be pointing up to the sky. Open through your chest.
  4. Sit back on your feet and reach forward with your body like a child’s pose. Really stretch through your fingers – you can claw up on your fingers to really feel this through the upper arms and shoulders.
  5. Come up to all fours. Reach one arm out to the side and then thread it between the opposite hand and knee so your cheek comes to rest on the floor. This is a big stretch on the shoulder.