Oxfordshire woodland walks

There are so many woods in Oxfordshire perfect for walks, but it’s not always easy to know exactly where they are.

Walking in nature has always been one of my favourite things to do, and especially so over recent weeks in lockdown. My three year old son loves outdoor adventures as does my dog and I have found woods to be one of the best places to let them explore safely.

I have found a few more great options during lockdown, as well as revisiting some old favourites. All these have been pretty quiet and easy for social distancing when we’ve been.

We tend to carry our baby in a carrier when going out for walks so I can’t say how buggy friendly these woods are – I’d generally say avoid the buggy if you can, and either carry or encourage your kids to run about. These are all dog friendly although some ask you to keep your dog on a lead. Some car parks are closed at the moment so double check before you go.

Woodland walks

Stoke Woods

These woods are probably the most well known woods near Bicester so can be busy. But the woods are pretty huge and there are lots of new routes to try so social distancing isn’t too hard.

Merton Wood

A lovely small wood perfect for little legs. There is only parking for two cars so it’s guaranteed to be quiet.

Finemere Wood

A new find for us – this is a lovely wood with lots of logs and tree stumps so perfect for some natural play. Parking is across the road and then you walk down a track to the wood.

Bernwood Forest

I love it here, and last time we went I saw a deer in the forest which was very magical. It can get busy though, and for some reason my son never wants to walk very far when we go here.

Thrupp Community Woods

Accidental find for us after I was desperate to see the river and my husband suggested we try here. You park behind Annie’s Tea Room and then walk away from the canal, under the railway bridge and will see the woods in front of you. Beautiful walk through the woods with a paddling spot in the river about half way in. The canal is also lovely for a stroll (although not massively toddler friendly).

Rushbeds Wood

Car park currently closed. Bit of a hidden gem, can get super muddy though. There are a couple of routes and limited parking even when the car park is open so guaranteed to be fairly quiet.

Evenley Wood

Bit different as this is a private wood and you have to pay a small entrance fee. It’s well worth it though as this is a beautiful wood garden with so much to explore. Also not in Oxfordshire but too lovely for me not to include here.

Ways to find walks

I think it’s more important than ever to be able to get out for walks at the moment, and love finding new places to go. Here are my favourite resources for finding good places, wherever you are.