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We are a progressive PR company with a core focus on the cannabis, cbd, vape and health and wellness niches. During our existence, we have forged close working relationships with webmasters operating in the aforementioned niches. This relationship has allowed us to offer our clients access to just over 500 websites.

Save Time and Money

Most of these sites are affiliate and private blogging sites that accept guest post contributions from approved authors and charge an administration fee. Due to our economies of scale and long history with these sites, we are able to post our articles almost x10 cheaper than anyone who would go to the sites directly. Working with us, will allow you to save time and get guaranteed results at a heavily discounted price.

How it Works

How our service works

Your Requirements

Decide how many sites you would like to feature your brand in.


Decide whether you would like to focus on a particular product category, product or page. Prepare a list of urls and potential keywords. If you do not know this information, we can spread the work out across the entire site.

Content Preparation

Articles with reviews of your brand/products will be prepared in accordance with your requirements.


Review articles will be posted across the sites


You will receive live links to articles featuring your brand.

Benefits of Media Coverage

Some benefits to your brand and company

Boost your EAT

Gain Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT) for your brand which is a recent Google’s ranking factor.

More Traffic

Generate branded traffic and sales from your product/brand reviews. We will add direct “purchase”shop now” links inside the articles.

Relevant Backlinks

Build natural and niche-relevant backlinks to your site. Do follow and permanent links will be added to the articles.

Organic Rankings

Rank higher on the Google SERPs, get more organic traffic and make more sales. Niche-relevant links and a boost in the EAT factor will help you to beat your competitors.

Reputation and Trust

Showcase your media features to your clients on social media or directly on your website and build trust and enhance your reputation.

Let’s Get Started

Have a question? Want to get started? Contact us now!

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