The Well Connection was born from a desire to make information about yoga and wellness in Oxfordshire easy to find. My aim with this blog is to help showcase the information you might need to make your yoga or wellness journey easier and more accessible.

I totally get that yoga, and especially wellness can seem fluffy and not for everyone, but I passionately believe that it can be life changing. I want to make it easier, and maybe less daunting to take that first yoga class or try a new place.

It’s written by me, Annabel Lee, a yoga teacher, PR consultant, freelance writer, mother of two and lifelong Oxfordshire resident.

I am asked all the time for recommendations for yoga classes and teachers so I wanted a central place where you could go to find that information. I remember before training to become a yoga teacher finding it so hard to find a yoga class that suited me in terms of time, day and venue so I want to create a place where all that information can be easily found. Check out my guide to yoga classes in Bicester and guide to North Oxfordshire Yoga Studios.

As a reformed control freak and over-thinker, through the years I’ve become increasingly interested in mindfulness and meditation as a way to help myself stop getting so stressed. I love learning more about how the mind works and yoga philosophy and am a huge believer in the mind / body / spirit connection.

I love trying new ways, things and places to help me feel good. I also love writing, sharing ideas and connecting with people so I am hoping The Well Connection will be a place to do just that.